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среда, 2 ноября 2011 г.

Anywhere but Here: Mona Simpson's novel and movie

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Some time ago I wrote about Mona Simpson, the sister of Steve Jobs, who is currently a renown novelist. Mona Simpson's books are a great read. Quite simply, Simpson writes about American life and American dreams. 

"Anywhere but Here" is a 1999 American drama film, and it was one of the most significant ones in the career of a young, budding actress Natalie Portman. The screenplay for this movie was based on Mona Simpson's novel with the same name.

It's a story of the relationship between a mother and a teenage daughter who leave a rural town in Wisconsin to move to Beverly Hills where the mother wanted to realize her dreams. It turned out into a fascinating adventure where the daughter seems more practical than her reckless mother. But all that changes one day.

I'm sure you would love to watch the whole movie, and I encourage you to do that. To get you more excited, below is the trailer for this movie, and the listening comprehension assignment is in the comment line. Enjoy!

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  1. Watch the video and as you listen fill out the blanks in some statements:

    1. My mother made an 1)_________ amount of noise when she 2) ________ her food. Sometimes I just couldn't 3) _______ _____.

    2. "You don't have a job in the Los Angeles school district." "I have an interview and a 4)_________ ________!"

    3. "I miss Wisconsin so much!" "Baby, nobody 5)_________ Wisconsin."

    4. "All I want is an 6)_________ life!"

    5. "Did they throw out that furniture? Is that 7)__________?"

    6. Now that we're in Beverly Hills maybe you should 8)__________ your name to Heather?

    7. What 9) _________ me ________ was knowing that one day I would 10)________ _____.

    8. If he asks you 11) _____ again I hope you'll go, you might have 12)_______.

    9. But just because she gave me life doesn't mean 13)_____________________________ [a sentence].

    10. She's telling me that I have to 14) _____ ____ _____!

    11. Even if she's 15)_________ your life there's something about my mother, some romance, some power...