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понедельник, 1 августа 2011 г.

New logo: please, vote!

Dear Students and Followers of OnlinEnglish,

We are currently working on creating a new logo and would love to welcome your ideas and opinions. Below are five options, choose 2 that you like best. You can post your comments in the comment line, and feel free to give some more suggestions. We're open to your ideas. Thank you!

Уважаемые читатели нашего блога!

В данный момент мы занимаемся разработкой нового логотипа и корпоративного стиля, и нам очень нужна Ваша помощь в выборе лучшего дизайна. Просмотрите 5 вариантов и укажите в комментариях, что Вам нравится больше всего. Мы открыты к идеям и предложениям. Спасибо!


20 комментариев:

  1. Hello!
    I am voting for #2. I think, the green color looks very appealing and it catches one's attention at once. "Green" is known to be associated with hopes and growth. That is why, it can be very symbolic for the learners of English and followers of OnlinEnglish.The letters on the logo look very clear and bright...I think, this logo stands out from all others. Logo #5 can also be considered as an option!
    Ira T.

  2. Thanks, Ira. I had a few more votes cast for 2, on my social network page. Thanks for your participation!

  3. Come on, more votes, guys :)
    The results on my social network page:
    #2 - 4 votes;
    #3 - 2 votes;
    #5 - 1 vote :)

  4. For us #2 and #5 are good!

    Lesya & Tolik S.

  5. WOW, thanks for voting! #2 is leading *however strange it might sound*

  6. 4,
    или цвета 5-го, при условии написания текста вокруг, как на 4.

  7. i would like number 2 but the text needs to be like in #1, 3, or 5

  8. OK, thanks: fair enough. I see the same sentiment in many: people want to see the whole tag line, not just its major points. Thanks!

  9. 2 more votes for #2 and one for #5, through my page

  10. I'd choose #2 for its very nice colour and #3 for the text.


  11. I like the third variant, but the colors are better in the fifth one)

  12. Похоже номер два побеждает ))) Но подождем до позднего вечера!

  13. #1 1 vote
    #2 14 votes
    #3 5 votes
    #4 1 vote
    #5 6 votes

    #2 has won! Yeah!