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четверг, 25 августа 2011 г.

129. The evolution of basketball: read to identify your level

Do you know that James Naismith invented the sport of basketball to tame his unruly students? Originally from Canada, James Naismith came down to Springfield, Massachusetts, to teach Physical Education at the YMCA International Training School. During long, fierce New England winters Naismith found it difficult to manage his students' behavior as they were confined to indoor games with nothing else to do. Almost as an ultimatum, Naismith was given 2 weeks to invent an indoor game that would keep the students fit, not take too much room, be a good "athletic distraction," fair for all students and not too rough.

This is how the first 13 basic rules of "Basket Ball" came about. For the first game in December 1891 Naismith fastened two peach baskets on either sides of the gym, and the teams played a soccer ball to score. With the peach baskets, the players had to retrieve the ball from the basket every time they scored which was a hassle until the invention of the "loop". Nonetheless, the game had gained popularity quickly, and in 1936 basketball was introduced into the official Olympic sports program of the Summer Olympic Games.

What's your level?

Look back at the text and note the highlighted words. How many of them do you know (not "saw once", but actually know the meaning)?
  • 0-7 - you're a beginner or elementary
  • 8-12 - you're pre-intermediate
  • 13-17 - you're intermediate
  • 18-22 - you're upper-intermediate
  • 23-28 - you're advanced
Video Assignment: One of the best basketball movies that I have seen recently was "Glory Road." Please, watch the trailer below and fill out the blanks in the sentences below: