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среда, 20 июля 2011 г.

Jennifer Lopez has been invited to the wedding reception in Yalta!

Shortly after her break-up with Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez was invited to perform at the wedding of Sergei Taruta's daughter. Ms. Lopez arrived in Simferopol airport at 5 AM and left the party at 11 PM, reportedly having earned $1 mln. for the gig. The wedding took place in Yalta on July 19.

Way to go, dear billionaires :) My comment: considering the average University tuition in Ukraine ($2,000) this money could have served as grants to help 50 students get education. Let's hope that they will do as much for our future.

2 комментария:

  1. I`m in a shock! Unfortunately, usually the most pompous and expensive weddings give start to short-term marriage life...

  2. Yes, there is such a tendency. It just shows that Ukraine has gotten to a point where prestige, pleasure, and show-off are so important that money becomes secondary as people pursue all of the above. It's just sad :(