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пятница, 29 июля 2011 г.

127. Nobel Prize Winners: Nelson Mandela

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandala was born in 1918 and is known around the world as a very prominent social, anti-apartheid activist, the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize winner, the first democratically elected president of South Africa from 1994 to 1999. His anti-apartheid involvement cost him his freedom as in 1962 he was sentenced to life imprisonment on a number of charges, including sabotage. He spent 18 out of 27 years of his imprisonment on Robben Island, then was released in 1990. Upon his release he led his party in negotiations towards establishing multiracial democracy in South Africa.

Nelson Mandela has been married three times, has fathered 6 children, has 20 grandchildren and an increasing number of great-grandchildren. His first two marriages did not survive the strain of severe political unrest, as well as Mandela's active engagement in the political affairs of his country and consequently his arrest and imprisonment. Mandela was remarried at the age of 80 to Graca Machel, widow of former Mozambican president Samora Machel.

2010 was the year of South Africa. This was the year when a new movie Invictus came on the big screen. It relates a story of Nelson Mandela joining his forces with the captain of South Africa's rugby team, Francois Peinaar, to unite the people. Watch the trailer and complete the assignments below:

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  1. Watch this movie trailer and fill out the gaps with the words you hear:

    I thank whatever gods may be for my 1)__________ soul. I am the master of my 2) ______, I am the captain of my 3)______.

    "Today President Mandela 4) ______ _____ in Pretoria, balancing black 5) ________ with white 6) __________." ...

    "All of the whites are 7)________ for South Africa. All of the blacks are _________ for England..."

    "Don't get your hopes up! We're damned 8)________."

    "Tell me, Francois, how do we 9)________ ourselves to greatness when nothing less will do?.."

    "What did 10)______ _______?" "I think he wants us to win the 11) _____ _______."

    "According to the experts, we'll reach the 12)______ ________ and no further." "According to the experts, you and I should still be in 13)________."

    "Times change. And we need to change 14)____ _______."

    "Did you ever imagine this?" "15) ______ _____ ____?"

    "I was thinking about how you spent thirty years in a 16) ______ cell and came out ready to 17)________ the people who put you there.

  2. Interesting expressions:

    There is one expression that you have come across while watching this trailer that I'd like to explain to you.

    Don't get your hopes up! When you read it, you should say [doun getcha houp sup]. It sounds very differently from the way it's written.

    "to get one's hopes up" means to make somebody think that what they want is going to happen. When I tell you "don't get your hopes up" I mean "it may not happen, so don't think it will." In Russian we say,"рано радуешься".