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пятница, 3 июня 2011 г.

Teacher's tips: Case Study 1.

Please, read the following case study from my teaching experience and let me know what you think about this prospect teacher. Give some reasons and support them. Why do you think this teacher may or may not be effective? What does he need to work on? The name is fictitious.

*Mr. Smith* contacted me a few months ago regarding a possibility of becoming an online instructor. He has some experience teaching and would love to work online. I respond to his email and ask him what time would be best for our interview. Three days later he responds, and we set a time. Mind that it is not a face-to-face meeting, but I conduct it solely through skype. On the day of our interview Mr. Smith is 25 minutes late. We reschedule. The next time he manages to be only 5 minutes late. After the interview I give them an assignment and ask him to accomplish it within a week. He emails me the completed work within 3 weeks....

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  1. An anonymous comment (came to my inbox):

    Well, I think the main problem is that the person is not punctual. As to me it's a very important fact. If a person arranges something he/she must be punctual and must take into consideration the time which the other one wastes while waiting. It shows how much the person respects the time of the other one.

    I know some people who are quite qualified but their inpunctuality (?) was the main reason why their clients ( customers) stopped having any business with them.

    I'm not sure if there are any ways which could change the person. Anyway, if a person is interested in anything he/she will wait for the other one, but not otherwise )))))

  2. Анонимный6 июня 2011 г., 3:42

    Mr. Smith thinks, that it is a nice lesson for him, though sometimes things seem to be a bit different to what they really are)

  3. I absolutely agree that things are different from what they really are. However, people tend to make quick judgments, and even though it doesn't faze me because I've been there, a number of students might be turned off by such kind of circumstances. Everybody makes mistakes, but what counts is how we learn from them. Do you think that Mr. Smith has learned from this experience? If so, what is the evidence of his change?

  4. Анонимный6 июня 2011 г., 13:06

    My opinion, that the teacher should be especially punctual, because He is an example for imitation, and basically the success of a lesson and progress of pupils depends on him.
    I think that you can give mr. Smith a one more chance thus to establish test lines and a punctuality condition that will help him want to change...But this chance can be some risk for your on-line school, that's why you should think carefully...

  5. Thanks, I really appreciate your comment. Good advice about the second chance, but you are right: the reputation is at stake, and it is of greater importance than money that a person can possibly make. I agree with this truth spoken by King Solomon: "A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold." Thanks again!

  6. Анонимный6 июня 2011 г., 14:19

    Punctuality is a given in the business world. Being punctual means respecting your partner's time. No real business, let alone success, is possible without that essential ingredient. A word to the wise...

  7. Анонимный6 июня 2011 г., 14:30

    I think, people can be called “unpunctual” when they are late once or twice, but if a person does it more than once, the problem is in his attitude towards business matters as well. There are some emergency situations that could happen to anyone, but there are also many ways to keep people updated via the Internet. I think that this teacher may not be effective, because teachers should not only know how to teach, but to learn as well. Unfortunately, this teacher seems to be hardly learning from the second chance. Thus, he may not be able to teach his students important matters and be beneficial.Ira

  8. Yes, internet makes it much easier to communicate and to let people know what's going on. Chats, emails, text messages.... it would sound harsh but the technology has advanced so much that we simply don't have an excuse not to get in touch with people. And, time is a precious commodity.

  9. To my mind, the teacher can actually be effective if he/ she wishes to.
    May be in this case, he didn't appear to be very responsible due to his being a student not a teacher himself. Thus, he thought he could allow himself to be late.
    As for the previous comment, I disagree that nothing can change a person. I can say that I used to be extremely unpunctual unlike I am now. I have never been late on my new job and the reason I think is that Im highly motivated as well as a little scared to let the company down and lose the job. So, the stricter the rules are and the more motivated the person feels, the more effective his work can be ))

  10. Sorry)) By saying the previous, I meant the first)))
    I thought I have posted my comment in the morning... but it turned out that i didn't work for some reason and now when i did it, it has updated the whole page))

  11. Thanks, Kate. I like "the stricter rules..." statement. And, like you, I think there has to be two kinds of motivation: internal and external. Should one be lacking, the person will be doing a lousy job.

  12. Анонимный9 июня 2011 г., 5:31

    In my opinion Mr. Smith can’t to be a good teacher because of his unpunctually and irresponsibility, a teacher is engaged to be punctual and responsible! It`s very unpleasant to behave like he . Personally, I don`t want to have such teacher.

    Some time I was a teacher of French and I had some students who was always late for their lessons. I was very upset because they hadn’t appreciate my time. So I was a teacher! To be such student is unpleasant yet, and other way to be such teacher! Yuliya K.

  13. Thank you, Yulia. You're bringing another very important point here: not being on time can also indicate a person's respect of others. Let's respect one another :)

  14. Before starting a new activity, everyone should first get one's priorities right, that is, to decide what is most important for him and what can be delayed or even forgone. Job, I think, is one of those things that should be taken seriously, especially nowadays when the competition is very strong.
    I agree that both teacher and student should be punctual and I agree that first thing they need to do is to want it. Good results are based on diligent work from both sides. So to be effective, one needs to know for sure in what sphere he really wants to work in order not to waste one's (or smb's) time.

  15. Actually, that's a very good point: setting your priorities right. Online teaching seems very easy for many people, and they think they can do it part-time, and I guess you can, but you'll be losing lots of students. Either way, punctuality is something we all need to work on, even in small things, and it does start with setting one's priorities right.