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понедельник, 13 июня 2011 г.

118. People of England: King Henry VIII

King Henry VIII was by far one of the most notorious kings of England. He reigned from April 21, 1509 until his death in 1547 and was the second of the Tudor dynasty after his father, Henry VII had passed away. Apart from squandering the majority of his father's hard-earned wealth, Henry VIII was known to have been married six times. His psychological insecurities had led him to see treason in every person around him, thus he decreed two of his wives to be beheaded as he had suspected them in marital and political infidelity.

His radical approach to problem solving had long-lasting consequences as he had parted ways with the Catholic church over the issue of his divorce, embraced Protestantism, and declared himself the Head of the Church of England.

King Henry VIII had a number of mistresses, along with his wives, one of whom was Mary Boleyn, his second wife's sister. Anne Boleyn gave birth to two girls who later became two of the most prominent Tudor queens: Mary and Elizabeth. After Anne Boleyn's execution, the King remarried Jane Seymour who was the only queen to have given King Henry a male heir to the throne, Prince Edward.

Towards the end of King Henry's life he became increasingly sick, morbidly obese, lustful and egotistical. His vast body could only be moved with the help of some mechanical devices. His body was covered with huge boils which made his every movement even more strenuous. Modern-day historians believe that the king could have suffered from an untreated Type II Diabetes that could have contributed to his physical and mental deterioration at the early age of 55.

A number of movies have come out recently featuring the life of these famous monarchs. Watch an official movie trailer for "The Other Boleyn Girl" movie about the relationship between Ann Boleyn and her sister Mary and complete the assignments below.

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  1. Fill out the gaps with the missing words as you watch the trailer:

    1. The opportunity has ________ to be ________ of the King of England.

    2. You could ________ for this family ________ wealth and position. - Do I have a _______? - No.

    3. Do you think he __________ me? - Of course, sister. How could he not?

    4. And who are you? - Mary Grace. - ________ Boleyn girl? - Yes.

    5. In an age when a woman's _______ ..."Our daughters are being ________ like the cattle for the __________ of men" ... was determined by her __________.

    6. One sister followed the ________... "I didn't ________ you, you know that..." The other ________ them.

    7. I could give you the son you _________. We're sisters, and therefore born to be _________.

    8. The ________ to provide a male ______ has weakened the king's ________.

    9. "I have ______ this country apart! FOR YOU!"

    10. You're my only hope. My life _________ on it.

    11. I beg you, ________ my sister. "Why are you here?" Because she is my sister, and therefore the other ________ of me.