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понедельник, 7 марта 2011 г.

91. Intermediate Listening: Matilda Sissieretta Joyner Jones

Today's story is about a very famous African-American opera singer of the 1800s, Matilda Sissieretta Joyner Jones, or Mme [madam] Jones, as she preferred to be called. Mme Jones was not afraid to be herself and pursued a career that in her day and age was simply impossible for a person of color to achieve. Yet her love for singing and her dedication to pursuing what is right has made her career noticeable and an example for many. Watch the video and complete the assignments below:

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  1. Assignment 1. Before watching the video, translate the following words:

    to salute
    to start out/to end up
    to tout
    to reference
    a tiara
    a stride
    a venue
    off limits

    Assignment 2. Now watch the video and fill out the blanks:

    1. She ______ ____ Sissieretta Jones and was also touted as the "Black Patti" referencing famous white opera singer Adelina Patti.

    2. She toured the globe visiting the ___________, Africa, Australia, India, Europe, and South America receiving gifts like a ________ tiara and a _______ of 17 medals.

    3. Composers wrote _______ for her.

    4. She was the first African-American ________ at Carnegie Hall.

    5. She was ________ to perform at many ________ because of her race, and because of segregation many of the places she performed in were __________ for her family and friends.

    6. So she started her own company performing ________, music, dancing, comedy and acrobatics.