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суббота, 15 января 2011 г.

81. Intermediate Listening: Eva Cassidy - Autumn Leaves

The beauituful voice of Eva Cassidy performing "Autumn Leaves" by Johnny Mercer (lyrics) and Joseph Kosma (music) seems to penetrate through your skin, the sound of guitar welling your eyes with tears. Eva Cassidy died in 1996 of cancer, a 33-year-old leaving behind a legacy of moving songs like these. Even though we are in the middle of winter, listen to this song and simply enjoy. The exercises are in the comments line.

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  1. Listen to the song and fill out the gaps:


    The falling leaves 1)______ by my window
    The falling leaves of red and 2)______
    I see your 3)______, the 4)_______ kisses
    The 5)________ hands I 6)______ __ hold


    Since you went away the days 7)_______ ____
    And soon 8)____ ________ old winter's song
    But I miss you 9)_____ ____ ______ my darling
    When autumn leaves start to 10)_______

    (Instrumental for 1 minute)

    Repeat 2.