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понедельник, 10 января 2011 г.

78. Intermediate listening: Tips on Clothing styles: How to wear a shirt

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  1. Listen to the program and fill out the gaps:

    1. The way that you know whether or not you're supposed to ________ a shirt or __________ is the way that it's cut across the _______.

    2. As you see, I have a typical dress shirt here. Now the way that the dress shirts are cut is kind of ______and _____ in the front and if you look across the back it pretty much does the same thing.

    3. Dress shirts are _______ to be tucked in.

    4. Now contrast that with the more ______ shirt? more casual shirt. [...] Now these shirts are _______ to be _________.

    5. Now there are shirts that work ______ ______. The shirt typically from Express, for example, is the ____________. It has a little less _________ tail in the front as well as tail in the back.

    Comprehension question: List some of the major differences between a dress shirt and a casual shirt.