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понедельник, 10 января 2011 г.

76. Intermediate Listening: Tips on clothing styles: Pea coats

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  1. Listen to this program, then fill out the gaps:

    1. This is the first episode in the _______ series.

    2. Now, pea coats are usually made out of ______, they _______ big buttons, wide _______.

    3. They are more casual and heavier than __________ and they _______ to be worn with jeans and more casual ________.

    4. We're going to look at some clothing and some __________ options for the black pea coat.

    5. Pea coats are a great accessory to complete a ________ look. Here I have a zip-up sweater and a _____ shirt.

    6. Now if you need a little bit more _______ look try a ________ underneath your pea coat. It's great for evening events and times when we need to step it up a _____.

    7. Or you can just ______ all the way down to a _______ tee, then on a nice little _______ and there you go, you've got another look.

    8. Now you can wear your pea coat just because it's cold outside, but it's also a good idea wear it to where it_________ with your outfit...