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среда, 15 декабря 2010 г.

74. England Stories Series: Stonehenge

If you ever want to travel to England, and you have no idea where to start your tour, Stonehenge is a must. It was founded around 3,000 BC, but there is no agreement as to how this place was once used. Some people think that it could have been a sun worship site, others – the healing center. Yet there are those who believe that Stonehenge was simply a market place, a place where people gathered on a regular basis just to do their shopping. One way or the other, what remains a mystery is not only the function of this landmark in the ancient times, but also the process of building it. The stones are perfect shape, and they are mounted one on top of the other very meticulously. How our ancestors could have done it using just simple tools remains unknown. Yet, Stonehenge never fails to impress us.

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  1. Assignment one: Vocabulary.
    Listen and repeat the following words and expressions. Translate them.

    a must/ it's a must/Stonehenge is a must
    found/ it was founded
    worship/ sun worship site
    basis/ on a regular basis
    one way or the other,...
    landmark/ the fundction of this landmark
    ancient/ ancient times/ in the ancient times
    mount/ are mounted/ they're mounted
    fail/ it never fails to impress us

  2. Assignment two: Grammar.

    1. Passive Voice is used when the focus is on the action, not on the person who did it. It also focuses on the object of the action, not on the doer of the action.

    Passive Voice is easy to recognize:

    to be + Verb+ed// III Form Irregular verb.

    Example: Stonehenge was founded around 3,000 BC.
    Find other examples in the text.

    2. Modal verbs: could.

    Could + have done shows an action that was possible in the past.

    Example: This could have been a sun worship site.

    Find another example of could + have done.

  3. Assignment 3: Reading Comprehension questions.

    1. Why is Stonehenge a must for any traveler to England?

    2. When was it founded and for what purpose?

    3. What is unusual about Stonehenge?

  4. Assignment 4 and 5: Find out one more fact about Stonehenge on the internet. Write what you have learned in the comment below.