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понедельник, 6 декабря 2010 г.

72. Intermediate Listening: Audrey Hepburn (3)

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  1. Assignment 1: Before watching the program read the following words and translate them.

    She much rather be at home
    food groups
    She could eat us both under the table
    an active life
    it's the formative years that count
    in the genes
    to smother children
    to make children overly secure
    to keep the compassion
    a charity/fundraiser event
    worst affected area
    to receive aid
    hand-to-mouth nightmare
    a joint-venture
    Audrey Hepburn children's fund
    a full-fledge operation
    a colon operation
    conventional medicine
    on face value
    a twig has grown into an oak tree
    to take it for granted

    Discussion questions:

    1. Did Audrey enjoy partying and her life as an actress more than staying with children?

    2. What was Audrey's "rule of the thumb" when it came to cooking?

    3. How did Audrey manage to eat a lot and stay so slim?

    4. What did Sean say about raising children? What are some of the principles that he mentions?

    5. How did Audrey become involved with UNICEF? How did this work change her?

    6. Tell about Audrey's last months of life.

    7. How does Sean answer the question, "What was she really like?" What was Audrey to her son, Sean, and why was it so important to him?