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понедельник, 6 декабря 2010 г.

71. Intermediate Listening: Audrey Hepburn (2)

Here is the second part of a three-part program about Audrey Hepburn. Watch it and complete the assignments in the comments line.

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  1. Before watching the video, write out the following words and expressions:

    to lay eyes on smb
    to stay in touch with smb
    to live closeby
    a lifelong friend
    the credits were supposed to be
    to have respect for clothes
    they hit it off
    to be designed from scratch
    to take things out of the blue
    to be attributed with the style
    elegance came from within
    to start off on a professional foot
    It goes to show
    His career has peaked, and she was on the top of hers
    to work through the baggage
    to end up going around
    to be requested
    to project something
    to get over oneself
    underlying feeling
    one-sided breakdown
    to take advantage of things
    a toxic effect
    to be subjected to the everyday behavior

    Discussion questions:

    1. After the great Broadway show "Gigi," what movie made Audrey famous? How old was she then?

    2. In what movie did Audrey play with Gregory Peck?

    3. What did Sean say about Audrey's collaboration with Givenchy? How did that relationship develop?

    4. What did you find out about Audrey's makeup?

    5. Why did Audrey's marriage with Mel Ferrer end in divorce, according to Sean?

    6. How did Audrey meet her next husband?

  2. Vocabulary exercise:

    In the course of the movie, several words have been used describing Audrey's clothes. Read and translate the expressions below, watch and listen for the expressions that were introduced when discussing Audrey's choice of clothes.

    evening dresses
    pea coats
    collars turned up
    square-toed boots
    cotton pants
    ballet slippers
    a long robe