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понедельник, 6 декабря 2010 г.

69. Intermediate Listening: Movie Trailer - Gia

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  1. Assignment:

    Watch this trailer and fill out the gaps below:

    She was 1)________. She was 2)________. Everyone wanted her. "You have the whole world 3)___________. Seize the moment!" She went from nowhere to 4)_________ in a New York minute. "Honey, you can do 5)__________ you want." She was living a 6)_______. "What do I 7)______?" It became her worst 8)_________.

    Based on a 9)___________ story of a super model Gia Carangi ... "You're on the 10)______ of VOGUE! oh, I can't believe it!" A non-stop jet fuel jag into the stratosphere of 11)_______, money and 12)________.

    "Sex was really easy. Love was a hard thing to find."

    And a dare 13)__________ into a world beyond reach. [...]

    Take a deep breath, darling. 14)________ for the ride of your life.