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суббота, 4 декабря 2010 г.

68: Intermediate Listening: English for Interior Designers

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  1. Assignment 1: Before watching the clip, read the following words and translate them.

    to rejuvinate
    design trends
    individuality and customization
    plain brass
    complement with smth
    hardwood floor
    bulla or silk carpets
    to feature
    be eclectic
    oriental-pattern rug
    cork, bamboo
    stark concentrasting colors
    chic materials
    supple leather

    Assignment 2. Watch the first 3:32 minutes and fill out the gaps in some of the following sentences:

    1. The New Year is a perfect time to 1)_______ your home with modern and 2)________ design ideas.

    2. Individuality and customazation is 3)_______ by a 4)______ 5)________ desire to show their personal taste and 6)_________ expression.

    3. And 7)_________ _____ _______ to flooring, you can complement a 8)_______ design with a unique hardwood floor or sculpted 9)______ or silk carpet.

    4. This trend 10)_______ an artistic mix of styles from 11)_________ cultures.

    5. Pair this 12)_______ with materials like 13)______, 14)_______ or 15)_______.

    6. Look for 16)_______-_________ or natural materials.

    7. Sunlight yellows and different shades of green also 17)_____ nature and a healthy 18)_________ atmosphere.

    8. Pair 19)_______ _______ furniture and large simple accent pieces with stark contrasted colors like 20)___________ with _________, and an accent color like 21)________, 22)_________, or 23)________.

    9. To complement this elegant style 24)______ for carpet that is 25)______ ________ or that has a large-scale 26)________.