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суббота, 4 декабря 2010 г.

67. Intermediate Listening: English for Interior Designers

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  1. Assignment 1. Pre-viewing activity:

    Before viewing the first part of the video, translate the following words and expressions:

    to last a lifetime
    a household
    appropriate to your lifestyle
    (the flooring that will) stand up to smth
    four times the stain protection as most carpets
    wear warranty
    to be covered from
    finish (noun)
    easy-to clean, snag-free
    to mimic
    fabric with added treatments
    to enhance stain/water resistance
    family-friendly application

    Assignment 2. Watch the first part (0:00 - 2:25) of the clip and complete the following sentences by filling out the gaps:

    1. Today we're going to give you some 1)_______ on how to create beautiful yet 2)__________ spaces that will 3)_______ a lifetime.

    2. And just because your furniture or 4)_________ is 5)_________ and long-lasting doesn't mean it has to look 6)_________.

    3. The arrival of a new 7)______________ requires adjustment.

    4. Today's busy families need flooring that will 8)_____________ to kids, pets and constant 9)_________ while still looking great.

    5. These styles have 10)________ no 11)________ to their stain and wear 12)__________ and are guaranteed for 13)___________.

    6. Easy-to-clean and snag-free vinyls and ultrasuedes can 14)________ leathers, suedes and other natural materials which would 15)_________ never be a 16)________ when creating a kid- and 17)___________ environment.

    7. Bold colors and 18)_________ patterns are also 19)________ in these fabric types for more 20)_________ and vibrant room settings.