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четверг, 28 октября 2010 г.

57. Intermediate LC: Beyonce Knowles

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  1. Pre-listening Activity:

    Read and translate the following words and expressions:

    to be destined to
    to belt a perfect note
    a church choir
    to have a star on their hands
    to enter a talent competition
    to quit one's job
    It wasn't long before...
    to release
    an instant hit with fans
    to keep up
    back-to-back hits
    tension in the group
    to be at an all-time high
    The first African-American songstress to get that title
    to branch out
    to top the music charts
    to launch a clothing line
    to leave the nest for good
    all-time success
    best supporting actress
    a charity
    to be inducted into international hall of fame

    Discussion questions:

    1. Why was it said that Beyonce was "destined to a career in entertainment?"
    2. When was Beyonce's talent first discovered and how did it develop?
    3. How did Beyonce's parents contribute to her success?
    4. What do you remember about "Destiny's Child?"
    5. What other things, apart from singing, has Beyonce been involved in?