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четверг, 28 октября 2010 г.

55. Intermediate LC: Princess Diana

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  1. Pre-viewing activity: Before viewing the video, look up the meanings of the following words:

    to go through a bitter divorce
    to win custody over children
    a playmate
    an earl
    I was brought up for this/I was bred for this
    13 years her senior
    to be enamored with smth
    a fairy-tale wedding
    to be thrilled
    to be exposed to something
    to be under (media)scrutiny
    to confirm
    to separate/to divorce
    charitable work
    to raise awareness/to raise funds
    land mines
    AIDS epidemic
    casual touching
    to make headlines
    to be chased
    a funeral procession

    Now watch the video, take notes and try to listen to the way these words are used in the context.

    Answer the following questions:

    1. When and where was Princess Diana born?
    2. What happened to Diana's parents when she was a child?
    3. What career did Diana pursue? Why?
    4. How old was Diana when she began dating Prince Charles?
    5. How did Diana raise her children?
    6. What did the media begin finding out about Charles and Diana in the 90s?
    7. When did they officially divorce?
    8. What did Diana do after her marriage had ended?
    9. How did she die?
    10. What did her children do for Diana some years after her death?