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среда, 20 октября 2010 г.

47.English for Interior Designers: Small Spaces

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  1. Watch the video and fill out the gaps:

    Today I'm going to show you how you can 1)_________ furnish and decorate a small space. This living room is approximately 180 square feet. With the use of 2)_______ and modern furniture and 3) _______ entertainment system you can actually make your space appear bigger and 4)________ the room, and I'd like to share my ideas with you.

    So here we have a really comfortable beautifully finished room. We've made use of a small space by using very 5)________ leather couches. They're not too big. Sometimes people use the 6) ________ couches. They're 7) ________ with some nice pillows. What I love about this room is the large 8)________ carpet, and a large carpet will 9)________ a room, make it appear bigger. What I also really love is the use of 10)________ in place of a coffee table. A large coffee table can take way too much space in a small room, and with 11) _______ you can move them around, you can use them as seats, you can use them as side tables or right in front of you as a coffee table.

    A really important thing is not to 12)________ a small space so pick your 13)________ items carefully, make sure they're amongst your favorite and they reflect your personality and your style.

    Of course for your entertainment system Plasma TV or Flat-Screen TV works really well in a small room because you don't lose all of that wall space, and I love modern-meets-old by taking the plasma on top of an 14)_________ 15)_________.

    As you can see, it's really quite easy to effectively decorate and furnish the small space using the mix of your existing pieces combined with some new ones, and all you have to do now is sit back and enjoy it.