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понедельник, 18 октября 2010 г.

46. English for Beginners: We Are Family | Learn English | Vocabulary Builder

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  1. Listen to the story and fill out the gaps:

    We are _________.

    This is Joe and Linda Brown. Joe and Linda Brown have two _________. Scarlet is _____ years old. She is the oldest. Robert is ______ years old. He's the youngest.

    This is Mary and Phil Smith. Mary and Phil Smith have two ________. Harriet is _________ to Robert Brown. This is Mr. Robert Brown and his _______ Mrs. Harriet Brown.

    Harriet's younger _______ is Karen. This is Karen with her _______, Dave Black. Mr. and Mrs. Black have been _______ for 10 years. They have one _________, Sarah. Sarah doesn't have any ________ or ________. Sarah doesn't mind being an _________ child. She has her ________ to play with.

    Her ________, Jake and _______ Zak are her _______ Harriet's _______. Sarah also loves staying with her _________. Sarah loves cooking cakes with her ________. And she loves listening to her ________'s stories. Mary and Phil love their _________. They have two _________ and one _________.

    Sarah's _______, Robert, and _______, Harriet, have another _______, Abigail, and a _______, Simon. Abigail and her ______, Simon, live with their ______, Scarlet. Their ________ are separated and are going to get divorced. Their ________ lives in another house. He misses his _____ and _______ very much. He doesn't speak to his ___________. But he does speak to his __________.

    And he is still friends with his _________. Family members.