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понедельник, 11 октября 2010 г.

40. Human Resources : Types of Outplacement Companies

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  1. Watch this interview and fill out the gaps as you listen:

    Hi, my name is Pat Goodman with Pat Goodman Associates. What are the types of outplacement services? When I think of outplacement services I think of three 1)_______ organizations that are 2)________, that work with people in career-transition services, and these companies work with people when they're 3)____________ from one job and looking for another position.

    The first one is DBM, the second one is "Right Management," and the third one is a company called Lee Hecht Harrison. These three organizations are 4)________ in the outplacement world. They are international, as I mentioned, they 5)__________ have very large contracts with organizations such as the Fortune-50 and Fortune-500 companies.

    Not only are these three companies active in the outplacement business world often times they will also have as part of their business 6)__________ 7)__________. But besides the three major outplacement services there are many, many excellent and 8)____________ smaller companies within your cities or within your state that belong to different networks, like the CPI network where they may have a small, 9)_______________ company in New York and then they may have another company that's part of the CPI network in Houston or Los Angeles, and they can 10)_____________ on services that the company has asked them to take care of in other cities.

    They can always find independent consultants who have their own independent consulting firm, and they can 11)_______ _____ those people in order to deliver 12)____________ services to the separated employees. So those are the main, larger companies, and there are many 13)__________ companies that offer a variety of outplacement services that are 14)_________.

    You would want to 15)_______ their history, how long have they been in business, what are their credentials, what type of assessments are they skilled in demonstrating or showing or using for their clients and then how have they helped their people 16)________ the 17)_________ - would be some of the main questions you might want to ask.