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понедельник, 11 октября 2010 г.

39: Human Resources : Tips for Motivating Employees

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  1. Listen to the interview and fill out the gaps with the appropriate words:

    Hi, my name is Pat Goodman with Pat Goodman Associates. Today we're going to talk about tips for motivating employees.

    Motivating employees can be 1) ____ _______ ____ recognizing them each day that they come to work, being a friendly 2)____________, being a 3)__________ environment where they feel welcome when they come to work.

    Motivating employees can be 4) ___ ______ ____ thanking them for doing a good job. People know they're worthy, but they need to feel worthy. There are some simple professional things that you can do to make the employee feel 5)______. Thank them for a job well-done, ask them if there's anything that they need that you can help them with. If you are in a management level and you're looking to 6)_______ motivate your employees have a meeting, and sit down and say, "I want to thank you all for the great job you're doing, I appreciate the skill that you bring, I appreciate the experience that you bring, and I would like to ask you: What can I do to be of more help to you? How can I help you be a better 7) __________, how can I help you succeed in your job?"

    Just by 8)________ help can motivate employees [sic]. If you are not experienced in their field of work 9)___________, but you are their manager, they are going to look to you as a manager who is either competent in the work, and if you are not 10) ____ _______ ____ they are, but you recognize the value that they bring and their expertise then you need to 11)_________ that. That their expertise is 12)________ and you appreciate the value that they bring to this organization and you want to demonstrate that or show that by individual 13)_________, and then they look at: are you trustworthy, are you fair.

    So the two things that employees look for in a manager are 14)__________ and 15)___________ or 16)___________. So, tips for motivating employees can be a variety of things of taking them to lunch, recognizing their birthday, doing some things that you do on your own to help them feel a value. And hopefully those are some tips that will help you to keep your employees motivated.