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понедельник, 11 октября 2010 г.

38. English for Managers and Business Consultants: Motivating Employees: New Employee Syndrome

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  1. Watch the video and fill out the gaps:

    I have a very simple thought for you today, and my thought is this: I have this little 1)_______ it's called "New Employee's Syndrome" and the theory goes like this:

    Every new employee 2____ your work place 3)____ your team and by "new" I don't mean young employee, I mean new to your work place has this moment, maybe it happens on day one, maybe week one, maybe not till month one or even year one, but they have this moment where your new employee stops and thinks to themselves, "There must be a 4)______ they do it this way, but 5)____________ me I can't 6)________ and well since I'm a new guy I'm not going to say anything because, look, all of you've worked here since the 7)__________, so I'll just keep it to myself and... and won't tell anybody."

    Well, if you gonna be more 8)_________, if you gonna 9)________ in your organization, if you gonna become more efficient in your organization we need to get ideas from absolutely everybody, well, we, 10)_________, YOU, you need to get ideas from everybody in your organization, especially the new people.

    If you get ideas from the new people you get a 11)____________, they have no 12)_______,and it's the quickest way to 13)__________ them and make them feel a part of your organization.