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понедельник, 11 октября 2010 г.

37. English for Managers and Business Consultants: Employee Motivation: Instant Employee Morale Booster

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  1. Watch the video and complete the assignments below:

    Hi, I am a _______.
    And I am a _______.
    So, manager, what ___________?
    Well, you know, Leader, how the economy ___________ so challenging lately? And morale ________ so low.

    Well, I invented an _________ morale ________ for my team.

    Really? Wow, that could change your business.

    I know, I'm very _________. Everyone of my ________ is gonna get one of these ________ of ________ I might ______. I call it "the ____________" [new, non-existent word].

    Well, the __________ is ________ around your head like this... and voala! _______ happy employees. NO ________ what's going on with the economy you gonna have happy employees every day, Leader.

    Hey, Bob! Sorry to hear about the ______.

    Hey, Sally! Sorry to hear your _________.

    Should though people smile because they actually are happy?

    I don't understand.... Yeah, I didn't think you did.