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понедельник, 11 октября 2010 г.

35. Advanced Pronunciation: Emma p4

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  1. Watch part 4 and complete the following exercises:

    Assignment 1: Watch the fourth section of the movie, mark the intonation in the following statements and memorize them with exactly the same intonation as on the DVD:
    1. Is it about sharks? For heaven’s sake, why would he write a riddle about sharks?
    2. Oh, do you think we shall ever know?
    3. Let’s read it again and again!
    4. Pity, I cannot contrive a reason for us to go in.
    5. May I escort you home?
    6. Tell him about the soup, dear. The soup?
    7. Where are you off to?
    8. Would you let me walk with you?
    9. Would you like to play a game?
    10. But hasn’t the lapse of 21 years closed the gap?
    11. A party is a party, but a Christmas party!
    12. Now that would have been a real cause for sadness, would it not?
    13. Miss Woodhouse, are you warm enough?
    14. Miss Woodhouse, is there any effort I can make on behalf of your father’s comfort?
    15. Thank you for being so thoughtful. No. Thank you for thinking I am thoughtful.
    16. I wondered if perhaps you might be so kind as to bring me some punch?
    17. How could I not be concerned?
    18. There is nothing worse than a sore throat. Its effects are exceedingly bleak.
    19. You are putting yourself at risk, and we cannot allow it, can we, Knightly?
    20. I mean, is this fair? Have I not some right to complain?
    21. The party spirit has confused you.
    22. What sort of message would I want to send her?
    23. If the wine has had any effect, it has been to strengthen my will to tell you I love you!
    24. Who can think of Miss Smith when Miss Woodhouse is near?
    25. Why else would I go to London to have your picture framed?
    26. Sit back and kindly refrain from the intimacy of whispering!
    27. Am I to understand that you never sought to recommend yourself to Miss Smith?
    28. She will manage her disappointment. Leave her out of it.
    29. How do you feel about what I have said?

    Assignment 2: Put the phrases from assignment 1 into two columns, according to their final tonal movement (rising or falling). Practice reading again.

    Assignment 3: In exercise 1, find the sentences that have weak forms of the words. Go through every sentence and underline the words that are reduced. Explain why. Read in the context. (The weak forms include: a) modal and auxiliary verbs; 2) articles and particles; 3) pronouns; 4) prepositions and conjunctions).

    Assignment 4: Links. Find expressions in exercise 1 that have the links corresponding to oNe apple; two (w) apples; three (j) apples; fouR apples. Practice reading them.