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понедельник, 11 октября 2010 г.

34. Advanced Pronunciation: Emma p3

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  1. Watch part 3 of this movie and complete the assignments:

    Assignment 1: Watch the third section of the movie, mark the intonation in the following statements and memorize them with exactly the same intonation as on the DVD:
    1. Miss Woodhouse, may I look, please?
    2. You have expressed her completely.
    3. Mr. Elton, really!
    4. It … May not be Miss Smith’s height in terms of measurement, but it is surely the height of her character.
    5. Might I be entrusted with such a commission?
    6. I cannot believe Mr. Elton proposed!
    7. Is it a good letter, or too… short?
    8. You did not plan to return an answer favorable to this claim?
    9. It’s not my place to intrude!
    10. I would not advise you for the world!
    11. If you prefer Mr. Martin to every other person you know or may ever know, if you think him the most agreeable man you have ever been or ever will be in company with, then why should you hesitate?
    12. Oh, do you think it’s right? Or wrong? Is it wrong?
    13. Now that you have decided, I shall share the feelings which I kept you in suspense of.
    14.I hope you’re not the only man to have noticed!
    15. Better questions for Mr. Martin I could not have chosen myself!
    16. The most incomprehensible thing to a man is a woman who rejects his offer of marriage.
    17. Emma, you wrote her answer, didn’t you?
    18. What are Harriet Smith’s claims of birth and education which make her higher than Robert Martin?
    19. Degradation? For illegitimacy and ignorance to marry to a respected, intelligent farmer?
    20. Vanity working on a weak mind produces every kind of mischief.
    21. As vicar, Elton is unlikely to make an imprudent match, especially to a girl of obscurity who may bring him disgrace.
    22. Believe me when I tell you that he may talk sentimentally, but he will act rationally.
    23. Your entire personality is a riddle, Mr. Knightly. I thought you overqualified.

    Assignment 2: Put the phrases from assignment 1 into two columns, according to their final tonal movement (rising or falling). Practice reading again.

    Assignment 3: In exercise 1, find the sentences that have weak forms of the words. Go through every sentence and underline the words that are reduced. Explain why. Read in the context.

    Assignment 4: Links. Find expressions in exercise 1 that have the links corresponding to oNe apple; two (w) apples; three (j) apples; fouR apples. Practice reading them.