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понедельник, 11 октября 2010 г.

33. Advanced Pronunciation: Emma p2

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  1. Watch the video and complete the following assignments:

    Assignment 1: Watch the second section of the movie, mark the intonation in the following statements and memorize them with exactly the same intonation as on the DVD:
    1. Emma, I wondered where you were. But now I see you’ve been hard at work making Mr. Elton comfortable.
    2. I’ve been remiss in doing the one thing that shall bring him the greatest enjoyment.
    3. He lives in London now, a young man, and has never been here.
    4. It’s not merely the feeling of it. The penmanship is so confident.
    5. Isn’t Miss Smith delightful?
    6. I could never presume to guide her as you did me.
    7. And what kind of people are your parents?
    8. How lucky for Mrs. Martin to have such an agreeable husband!
    9. Tell me more about Mr. Martin. Is he a man of information?
    10. And what sort of looking man is he?
    11. A family like the Martins are precisely the sort of people with whom I have nothing to do.
    12. This is a bit of a chance, isn’t it?
    13. Miss Woodhouse, may I present Mr. Martin?
    14. Did he take your advice and get the book you asked him to read?
    15. Can you not tell me what it was?
    16. Mr. Elton, my skills are slender indeed, and we must not forget how shy Miss Smith is.
    17. Do you think it would help if I asked her to pose?

    Assignment 2: Put the phrases from assignment 1 into two columns, according to their final tonal movement (rising or falling). Practice reading again.

    Assignment 3: In exercise 1, find the sentences that have weak forms of the words. Write out the expressions and read them: e.g. where you were (where [je] were).

    Assignment 4: Links
    Find expressions in exercise 1 that have the links corresponding to oNe apple; two (w) apples; three (j) apples; fouR apples. Practice reading them.