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понедельник, 11 октября 2010 г.

32. Advanced Pronunciation: Emma p1

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  1. Session 1 (Chapters 2 - 4)

    Assignment 1: Watch the first section of the movie, mark the intonation in the following statements and memorize them with exactly the same intonation as on the video (or DVD):

    1. In a time, when one’s town was one’s world, and the actions at a dance excited greater interests than the movement of armies there lived a young woman who knew how this world should be run.

    2. You are “Dear Miss Tailor no more!” You’re dear Mrs. Weston now.

    3. Why should she give up being your governess only to be married?

    4. Is your brother giving her the respect, we Woodhouse ladies deserve?

    5. Is it not a brother’s job to find fault with his sister?

    6. She was as selfless a friend as I have ever had.
    7. One matter of joy in this is that I made the match myself.

    8. “Triumph? You made a lucky guess!” – “Have you ever known the triumph
    of a lucky guess?”

    9. Mr. Elton will be the next person to benefit from my help.
    10. A party is a party! But a party on a summer’s eve…. Mmmmm!
    11. I wonder if I might ask you to make certain that she is at ease throughout the evening.

    Assignment 2: Put the phrases from assignment 1 into two columns, according to their final tonal movement (rising or falling). Practice reading again.

    Assignment 3: Links
    Find expressions in exercise 1 that have the links corresponding to oNe apple; two (w) apples; three (j) apples; fouR apples. Practice reading them.