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понедельник, 11 октября 2010 г.

28. English for Managers and Business Consultants: Stress Management Part I

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  1. Watch the video and complete the exercises below:
    [Disclaimer: the sentences below may not be word-for-word utterances].

    1. As you know, stress is part of life, but it is mostly found in _________ societies.

    2.However, stress is not that bad. We need stress in order to 1)_________ and 2)__________.

    3. So, when stress is actually ______ it is called ________.

    4. But there are times when stress is ________, and in these times it is called ________. Instead of being _______ it will ________ us.

    5. Stress has been _______ to 6 out of every 11 _______ of death in North America. Part of a healthy lifestyle and of _________ is to learn how to _______ with stress.

    6. So the definition of stress is: ______

    7. What are the two main components to stress?

    8. For stress to _______ there must be a perception of a ________ or a demand.

    9. This happens when people feel that they don't have enough _________ to _______ with the situation in an __________ way.

    10. These resources include: (list 6 components)

    11. The key point here is ________.It doesn't ________ if the reality is _______ if the person feels that they're ________ or don't have all these resources they will experience stress.