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среда, 8 сентября 2010 г.

4. English For Programmers: VDI

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  1. Watch the video and answer the questions or fill out the blanks below:

    1. VDI is a desktop delivery model that allows users to __________.

    2. It is important to understand that VDI is just one form of ____________.

    3. As such, it may be __________ for some scenarios, but may not be a __________ for others.

    4. Successful scenarios include: 1) ________; 2) __________; 3) ___________; and 4) __________.

    5. What are the benefits of VDI? (list three)

    6. VDI from Microsoft is an ___________, __________ solution that consists of the underlying _____________, ____________, ____________, and __________ management.

    7. What is Hyper-V? What does it offer?

    8. What is RDS? What do they provide?

    9. For larger-scale environments, customers can leverage _____________, such as ________.

    10. Managing delivery applications is critical to success. Name two solutions that Microsoft provides for delivery applications. What is the difference between them?

    11. What is Microsoft System Center? What are the benefits of this suite?