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среда, 8 сентября 2010 г.

3. English for Programmers: Virtualization Desktop Strategies

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  1. Watch the following program and complete the gaps or answer the questions below. Be ready to retell the contents of the video:

    1. How and what can Desktop virtualization help achieve?
    2. What can improve your Windows 7 Deployment?
    3. An example of a desktop virtualization technology at the Operating System level is _________.
    4. VDI centralizes the Windows operating system in ______________, allowing users to ___________.

    5. What are some of the benefits of VDI?
    6. What are session-based desktops?
    7. Why VDI or session-based desktops may not be applicable for every customer?
    8. Another example of an Operating System Level Virtualization technology is ________.

    9. Desktop virtualization can also be accomplished at the ____________ level of the desktop through _____________.

    10. Can you characterize Application Virtualization?

    11. What are the benefits of APP V

    12. With remote App users can __________ and __________.

    13. Desktop virtualization can also be done at the ___________. What is User Data virtulaization?

    14. What can Desktop Virtualization provide? What does Mircrosoft suggest people start with when they think about Desktop Virtualization?