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среда, 8 сентября 2010 г.

2. English for Programmers: Data Center Cooling

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  1. Watch the video and fill out the gaps:

    1. ___________ is one of the most challenging issues the data center manager may face.

    2. Let's take a look at a common scenario where data center cooling ____________ over time.

    3. Our data center manager starts with ____________ cooling requirements ____________.

    4. He arranges the room in a ________________ configuration, with the ______________ at the __________ for optimal cooling.

    5. _________ a few months the Data Center manager notices that ________________ due to ___________.

    6. To __________ this, he rearranges the tiles.

    7. It's time for a refresh. Newer, more __________ and __________ equipment is installed.

    8. This creates ___________ hot spots around the data center. This also changes the air flow of the room by stealing ________ from ___________ with ________________.

    9. What happens after the next refresh? (six months later)?

    10. Why does the air temperature across the whole room begin to rise?

    11. How does the Data Center Manager try to correct the situation with the hot air?

    Attempt 1:
    What is the problem?

    Attempt 2:
    Why is the problem?

    Attempt 3:
    What is the problem?

    Attempt 4:
    What is the problem?

    What is the first stage of getting additional cooling after 2 years?

    What is the second stage?

    What is a hot aisle containment system?
    Why do the racks have to be sealed?