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среда, 8 сентября 2010 г.

5. English for Programmers: Choosing a Server

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  1. Watch the video and complete the following sentences or answer the questions:

    1. Buying hardware for virtualization is not much different from buying hardware for any typical physical server in a sense that you are looking for _________, __________, and __________.

    2. The difference when you're going shopping for virtualization hardware is that you really want to look for _________ and ________ performance and ______________.

    3. Why does he call RAM a "bottleneck"? What does it mean?

    4. Local storage is not going to be as much __________ because _______________.

    5. Some of the newest virtualization options that I've seen and that have been really exciting are, first _________ which is sort of _____________ and it's tailored just for virtualization. I've also seen ___________, which is _______________.

    6. For IO virtualization one of the exciting options I've seen is ____________ which really eliminates so much of _______________.

    7. You don't want to scale up too much because _________________.... I think it's best to take "middle-of-the-road" approach and get ___________ and fast CPUs and Servers, _________ amount of RAM and also scale out.

    8. What do they mean by scaling up and scaling out?