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понедельник, 27 сентября 2010 г.

27: Intermediate Listening: Discover Germany

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  1. Watch the video about places of interest in Germany, fill out the blanks and answer discussion questions:

    Assignment 1:

    1. This is an open-air _________ which seats _______!

    2. This afternoon Annetta ____ _________ an Operetta... Performances are _________ here between ________ and September.

    3. In the 1920s Hohnstein was ________ to the renowned puppetier Max Jacob.

    4. The workshop where ________ were _______ is still in _________ today.

    5. "I like these ____________ because they are _______-made from wood...that... and my mother _________ the costumes of the _________."

    6. Annette's next recommendation is on ______ of a hill called Brant. _________ steps lead to the _______.

    7. There's a place for _______ hikers to eat or even _______ ______ _________.

    Assignment 2:

    1. What places does Annette recommend to visit? why?
    2. What would you like to visit? Why?
    3. What do the following words mean: a)puppet; b)performance; c) to stage; d)workshop?
    4. Find examples of Present Continuous and Passive Tense in these sentences. Explain why they are used.