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вторник, 21 сентября 2010 г.

22. Pre-Intermediate LC: Joe Cocker - The Simple Things

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  1. Listen to the song and fill out the gaps:

    Somewhere _______ the way
    I got _________ up in the race
    I kept ____________ and _________
    _______ myself, my hope, my face

    We’re always _________ more than what we ____________
    And what I’ve __________ is _____I really _______ are …

    The simple things
    That ____________ without a price
    The simple things
    Like ____________ joy and love in my life
    I’ve ____________ it all _______ so many sides
    And I hope you would _______
    The ____________ things in life
    Are the simple things

    Hey _________ don’t get me ________
    You got to understand ambition and ___________
    Are the seeds of every woman and ______

    It’s good to work… work ______ and prosper
    As long as you take time to find…


    This _______ moves so fast
    Sometimes you got to slow down
    To find out that it’s all about.

  2. Assignment 2. Listen and sing along. Find the odd words in the line (the ones that don't rhyme with the rest). Translate all these words and note their use:

    1. caught - taught - ought - drought - fought - sought

    2. would - should - foul - good - stood

    3. seeds - feeds - kids - leads - needs - beads

    Assignment 3: Vocabulary expressions.

    1. I got caught up in the race. When a person uses this expression they mean that they are so exhausted working that they don't have time for "the simple things."

    What happens when you get caught up in the race?

    2. I kept spinning and turning. If somebody says "I keep doing something" it means that they do this constantly, non-stop.

    What are some things in life that you keep doing even if you don't have time?

    3. I've seen it all. This expression means that a person is very wise already, that it is hard to surprise him with anything (especially when talking about life).

    What are the situations in which you can say, "ah, I've seen it all..." Is it hard to surprise you?

    4. Don't get me wrong. This is a good expression and is widely used. It simply means: Don't misunderstand me. People usually use this expression to say that even though you believe one thing, you do not discard the other.

    For example: "I think that we've been working so hard, we're so crazy about our work and making money we don't even have time to sit back and relax. Well, don't get me wrong: I don't mean that making money isn't important, but it has to be balanced."

    5. You take time to do something. When you "take time" it means you find the time to do the things that are important.

    How often do you take time to just stop working, go to the country and enjoy the nature?