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вторник, 21 сентября 2010 г.

21. Pre-Intermediate LC: The Lion King -Can you feel the love tonight Elton John

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  1. 1. Listen to the song and fill out the gaps with the words you hear:

    There's a ______ surrender
    To the rush of ______
    When the ______ of the rolling world
    Can be turned ______

    An enchanted ________
    And it sees me through
    It's _______ for this restless warrior
    _____ to be with you

    And can you feel the love tonight?
    It is where ____ _______
    It's _______ for wide eyed wanderer
    That we got _____ _____

    And can you feel the love tonight
    How it's laid to _______
    It's enough to make _______ and vagabonds
    Believe the _____ _______

    There's a ______ for ev'ryone
    If they only _______
    That the _________ kaleidoscope
    Moves us all in _____

    There's a rhyme and reason
    To the _______ outdoors
    When the ________ of this starcrossed voyager
    Beats in time with yours

    2. Write out and translate the new words in the song.

    3. Find the words in the song that rhyme with the following:

    a) day -
    b)through -
    c) best -
    d) learn -
    e) outdoors -

    4. Practice reading the following expressions (translate as well):

    a)And it sees me through
    b)There's a rhyme and reason
    d)can be turned away