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вторник, 21 сентября 2010 г.

19. Pre-Intermediate LC: Celine Dion - All By Myself

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  1. 1. Listen to the song and fill out the gaps with the words that you hear:

    When I was young
    I never _______ anyone
    And making love was just _____ ______
    Those ______ are gone
    Livin' alone
    I think of all the friends _____ ________
    When I ______ the telephone
    Nobody's home

    All by myself
    _______ ______ ____
    All by myself

    Hard to be ________
    Sometimes I ______ so insecure
    And love's so _______ and obscure
    ________ the cure

    2. Pronunciation Practice. Find words in this song that rhyme with the following:


    Find words with long sound [i:] and short [i]:

    Find words that have a vowel [ou] and [ei] in them:

    3. Read the lyrics out loud and try to sound smoothly and to make the right stresses.

  2. 3. Skills development:

    a. There are words used in this song that can often be mispronounced. Check the following words in the dictionary ( and pronounce them correctly:

    cure: There was no cure for her disease.
    He cured her of her allergies.

    occur: It occurred to her that she never read this book. The re-occurrence of this disease is rather strange.

    current/currency: The current situation in Israel is very alarming. The currency exchange rate is still too low.

    b. Word-building: Find the meanings of the following words:

    insecure - insecurity;
    obscure - obscurity;
    sure - sureness;
    insure; assure.

    Practice pronunciation and note the usage of these words online.

  3. Thanks for this beautiful song, it is very good way to improve listening skills!

  4. You are very welcome. Indeed, songs are a wonderful way of enhancing your listening comprehension. More to follow! Thank you for signing up with OnlinEnglish!

  5. Thank you for giving such a nice song to improve English. Practice like this isn't only useful but also very interesting))

  6. I appreciate your encouragement. Hope it helps even more.