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четверг, 16 сентября 2010 г.

14. Education vocabulary: Greg - MSM Information Technology Management

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  1. Watch this video and fill out the gaps (pay attention to the vocabulary connected with education):

    My name is Greg Powell, my _______ is a Master's of Science (M.S.) ____ management with the __________ in ________________ from CTU online. I had looked at a number of Universities and I ended up, of course, choosing CTU-online because of, one, the online _______ and I looked at the ____________ and I thought it mapped nicely to the ________ that I sought out for myself. I wanted to seek _________ ____________ in my career and take more of an ___________ role.

    The classes at CTU have helped me __________ in my job. CTU is a real world _____________ and the ________ you learn in the classroom can ________ correlate to the skills you're going to get in your job. So you can be _____________.

    Well, I am married, of course, my wife has been very ____________. She also is a CTU-online __________, she's in the _________ program. So, she's on one computer, I'm on the other...

    I'm very busy, of course in my career and school is very ___________ and also you'd like to have a little time in life to kind of, you know, have your __________ and juggling all that is a ___________, the victory is so sweet when you _________ that _______. You can reap the ________ from it for many years to come.

    The biggest highlight for me is that my level of _____________ after completing ________ and of course at this point completing my _______ is a lot higher than in the absence of that _______. So, when I am faced with a daunting _______ I use those ______ skills and it really helps me to _______ ________.

    For someone considering a degree at CTU-online I think the decision is a __________. They'll see first hand when they are ____ the classes that they're going to be mentally _________, they're going to be able to take those skills, use those in their job, and once they've completed they'll have one of the greatest senses of _____________ that they've probably ever experienced.

    My wife goes to CTU-online and actually started first and she was going to the traditional _____-and-______ College at the time and because of her _________ job she wasn't able to gain much ground with the classes there, so she looked at that model that the CTU has, _______ there, and she's done well herself.