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четверг, 16 сентября 2010 г.

12. English for Business Consultants and Managers: Reality Check by Guy Kawasaki

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  1. Watch the video and fill out the gaps as you listen:

    1. Over the years thousands of _________ have asked me for advice.

    2. The truth is that success doesn't take ________ and ________ people. Success takes ________, _______ and _________ people who believe that they can change the world.

    3. What does "outsmarting your competition" mean? What does "Frame or be framed" concept imply? What is a "bailout"?

    4. What does "outmanaging your competition" involve? People either have _______ or _______ mindset. What does that imply? What is the solution - the effort effect?

    5. Praise your employees' effort, not their ________ brilliance.

    6. What does "outmarketing your competition" mean? What does "blowing one's smoke" mean? The key to great evangelism is great __________. The second important principle of evangelism is the ____________.

    7. "People have to "GET" your product in ten minutes, or they'll never get it." What does he mean by that? Good evangelists are _______, yet _________. I'm also a great believer in shwags.... What are "shwags?" Why does he advise to stay away from rewarding your "evangelists" financially?